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Mordwin will distribute Tyre Armour across Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana

27 March 2014
27 March 2014, Comments: 0

Madrid, 27th March 2014. Today, Mordwin Multi Concept Ltd announces its final agreement with Easy Road S.L. in order to distribute the product “Tyre Armour” across Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

After a few months of negotiations, Mordwin Multi Concept Ltd adquires in exlusive the distribution of the product for the 3 countries, with expectations of expanding to new African countries in the near future. In words of the President of the company, this is a very important step for Mordin, since Tyre Armour is a product that the company has been looking for because of it needs and importance for African market, and it will complement the pack of products for the landing of the company in Africa, in concret in Nigeria.

Tyre Armour is a preventive and proactive tyre sealant which protects all kind of tyres with a simple dose. It is the best product of its kind, as demonstrated in different test, selling actually in more than 15 countries and in use for different application: From sports and leisure, to light vehicles, passing through industrial vehicles.

Mordwin is already in negotiations with several customers and big companies to provide them with Tyre Armour, and the first 10.000 units of the product are already at Nigeria, selling at a good pace and with an awesome welcome from the customers.

Click here to know more about Tyre Armour.

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