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    The need of an improvement in the transport services of the continent is essential. Our organization is currently working to offer in the upcoming […]

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    Mordwin focuses on brining Spanish & European food & beverages to the African market, providing typical and tasty products that otherwise would be impossible […]

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    Our experience in the development & distribution of technological products & services across Europe, LATAM & North America, provides us with enough experience to […]

Our philosophy

Why choosing Mordwin ?

Our goal is to provide the best products & services, helping the African market to reach its unknown limits. Africa will have a key role in world business in the upcoming years and we want to take part on it.

Rafael Espinosa de los Monteros, COO & Founder

We have a concrete MISSION...
We belive in the African market as a leader one in the very next future, and our MISSION is to take an important role in its evolution. We are betting in this market, and trying to give our best to fulfill this goal.
Inspired in a clear VISION...
Founders of Mordwin had a clear VISION two years ago. With current global crisis and fall of obsolete markets, there is a need for new markets to arise and take the lead. Africa is one of this markets.
And supported by strong VALUES
Mordwin not only pursues an economical benefit. We based our job in VALUES such as honesty, transparency and hard work, as tools that will help us reach our goals.